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Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back

Our core team has been providing expert service and advice to North American firms for over 10 years.
We understand business, commerce and technology and deliver measurable value.

BPI pays attention to your Employer Branding (EB), working seamlessly with your talent team
to ensure that the right person is in the right job when you need them and where you need them.

We can react and respond quickly to situations because our organization is flat without any hindrance of corporate bureaucracy - you deal directly with people capable of making critical decisions.

What do our clients say most about our value? BPI listens to their needs and delivers a solution that works for them.

Partnering With BPI Increases Your Employer Brand Value

A Proven Methodology For Attracting, Verifying And Placing Expert Talent

We Deliver IT Professionals That Get The Job Done Right

BPI is a respected consulting and talent nexus for IT professionals in Canada and the United States.

We deliver the best qualified and most capable people available when you need them, offering a full service, one-stop placement solution:

  • Matching contract or full-time resources to your IT, office, and executive role needs;
  • Researching your needs, recommending good fits, and maintaining a long term relationship with you due to your ongoing satisfaction with our services;
  • Testing, vetting, and checking the background of your prospective hires;
  • Constantly finding, approving or rejecting, and preparing candidates for you;
  • Ensuring time-sensitivity does not trump due diligence and security;
  • Ensuring your anonymity when required;
  • Recognizing key word searches don’t replace personal relationships;
  • Finding ideal candidates who not only have the skills you require, but also understand your priorities and project status – and we do this within 72 hours; and
  • Replacing consultant who are unsuitable or unavailable with a new (approved) candidate within 48 hours

Delivering Inspiring Leaders With Vision

When you're looking for a seasoned visionary capable of inspiring people to exceed what they believe your firm to be capable of then call BPI first.

We have strong relationships throughout government, manufacturing, retail, service and banking industries that can identify great prospects and facilitate introductions without compromising anyone's best interests.

And, as a 3rd party, we can make inquiries and research individuals gathering far greater detail than what's made available in newspapers and business magazines.

When it's time to find the person you need to create growth and market confidence then call BPI.

It All Begins With Our Time Tested Selection Process

Attention To The Smallest Detail

Whether you're looking for a great communicator, adviser, leader, strategist, technician or tactician the process begins with listening to what you need in terms of personality, skill sets, knowledge, experience, education, ability and problem solving skills.

And, with your master checklist in hand, we'll find suitable candidates and deliver the best of the best before your evaluation team following a simple success formula:

  1. Candidate interviews;
  2. Comprehensive reference checks;
  3. Candidate qualification summaries;
  4. Candidate testing and skill evaluation;
  5. Client presentations;
  6. Follow-up interviews and post-contract evaluation;
  7. Client evaluation questionnaire;
  8. Corrective Action Process to manage inappropriate placements. (In the unusual event we have to find a replacement, we guarantee to come up with a suitable candidate within 72 hours);
  9. Ongoing performance monitoring through the weekly status reports and status meetings; and
  10. Project planning and control measures.

We Deliver Expert Leaders & IT Professionals Ready To Start

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