Managed Services

Ban Partners work more like a Partner than a Vendor

Ban Partners delivers a variety of high-value expert services that allow your managers and executives to focus on their day to day functions without having to carve out additional time and resources to develop, plan, organize and monitor IT projects and roll-outs. Ban Partners does it all for you – on time and on budget.

User Experience (UX) Design

Our UX team, using our proven methodology will ensure that consideration is given to all stakeholders involved in the digital solution and that critical feedback is gathered, analyzed and prioritized to engineer a comprehensive and engaging user experience for all.

The process begins with developing a complete list of requirements and securing consensus on which ones deliver the most value for the organization, BPI will develop prototypes and wireframes using the most current web technologies.

Your end-product will be a carefully crafted set of system blueprints and technical specifications that can be handed over to your development partner to begin work – all with the confidence that what they’ll deliver is exactly what you need.

Agile Transformation - Project Management

Agile software development was created by software developers to overcome situations where more traditional project management models fail to deliver on time and on budget.

BPI can help you with Agile project management, we have vetted Scrum Masters ready to attack your deliverables.

Ban Partners’ project management team offers highly collaborative, iterative and incremental approach to the design and development of solutions.Our team is also experienced and succeeded in WAGILE, the hybrid Agile/Waterfall environments

Data Centre Services

Ban Partners understands your need for agility and speed in the marketplace, especially when it comes to expanding could-based services with your own organization and/or extending capabilities and value within your marketplace.  It begins with having a team of dedicated professionals committed to one task and one task only – keeping your information secure and the infrastructure up and running 100% of the time.

Ban Partners’ Data Centre Services Team is the best in the business with not just certifications and qualifications but, real-world experience that will protect you from both mechanical and service failures as well as insulate you from breaches and data theft that could affect brand integrity and market value.

Microsoft Dynamics

Ban Partners has been a Microsoft Partner for many years and delivered Microsoft Dynamics solutions in Canada

You can trust the BPI MS Dynamics Team will at least meet your expectations.