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We Collaborate to Build Your 21st Century Employer Brand

We're In The Business Of Finding And Recommending Only The Best Talent

There is a huge supply of IT professionals actively seeking permanent and contract work.  If something is missed or overlooked on a resume then you could be missing out on hiring that one person who could take your operation to exciting new heights. Or, you could be hiring someone with the potential for corrupting morale and/or eroding your brand's reputation altogether.

This is why businesses, like yours, partner with BPI - because the people we recommend are the one's you want on your team.

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What we offer is unique. Here's why...

  • You are our partner, working together to find talent that will increase your firm's value;
  • You get what you ask for because we listen to what you need and deliver;
  • You'll find who you need faster because BPI's reputation attracts the best prospects;
  • You will feel confident in our relationships because of our attention to detail and personalized service;
  • Your projects will achieve their objectives because BPI professionals are managing them with as much care as if they were their own;
  • We deliver solutions that are uniquely tailored to fit your exact needs; and
  • BPI understands that there are careers, company reputations and future prospects on the line with every decision they make and great care is taken to protect them all.

Our clients tell us that Our continual focus on relationships
is the KEY differentiator that sets us apart.