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Your Near-shore Talent Solutions Partner For Canada & The US

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Do you need a thought leader? Seeking expertise in digital transformation? Cloud solutions? Big Data? Artificial Intelligence?

BPI provides high caliber candidates for permanent as well as consulting engagements

Collaborating, Together, To Build Your 21st Century Employer Brand

Our high-calibre consultants provide task-based and solution-based
IT consulting services for short and long-term projects as well as full-time placements.

We specialize in placing highly qualified, on-site and tele-commuting
professionals into government, financial sector and corporate offices of all sizes.

Expertise in Workforce Management

We want to put humanity back into staffing.

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Top 5 Reasons To Partner With BPI

  1. Transparency & Accountability
  2. Devoid Of Corporate Bureaucracy
  3. Delivering With A Sense Of Urgency
  4. Diverse, Expert Technical & Leadership Services
  5. A Fulfilling, Longterm Partnership Experience

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    With three decades of combined experience in IT consulting, we have built up strong, lasting partnerships with companies ranging in size from small start-ups to Fortune 500 giants. We are trusted partners with our clients because of our integrity, dependability, and our continual focus on relationships.


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